16 nationalities…

ONE experience!

Belgium   Ella & Thomas, BELGIUM

“THE TRIP ITSELF WAS UNFORGETTABLE! Desert islands, white beaches, campfires, breathtaking corals, very tasty food prepared with great care, adventurous boat trips, ambiance with the crew … In short, everything we hoped for!”

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United States of America   Daniel, USA

“WENT ABOVE & BEYOND! First off, skip the insanely polluted El Nido and come to Tay Tay!….The laughs were genuine, the food was amazing and the selected activities were exactly what we were looking for.”

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United States of America   Bill & Mary Jane, USA

“COULDN’T ASK FOR A BETTER TOUR! … Top notch professionals with an outstanding environmental ethic, wealth of local & marine knowledge & a pleasure to spend a day with!

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Canada Australia   Robyn & Claudia, CANADA & AUSTRALIA

“ENJOYED IT SO MUCH WE EXTENDED OUR STAY.  This wasn’t your average island hopping tour… We are budget backpackers and paid more than other tours available in the area. We are so glad we did and will never forget our experience in TayTay.

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Spain   Carolina, SPAIN

WE ARRIVED AT A SMALL PARADISE without tourist crowds, with an unbeatable team that really cared about us enjoying the experience

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Switzerland   Melina, SWITZERLAND

“EVERYTHING PERFECT! …The tour was well organized and all equipment was provided. The food was freshly prepared on the boat and was very tasty and plentiful

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Germany   Eva & Paul, GERMANY

“WE HAD A GREAT TRIP with an excellent guide and his crew and fantastic food! We did lots of snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and chilling at the beach.

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France   Camille, FRANCE

“BEST SNORKELING OF OUR STAY IN PALAWAN. We were alone on all the spots where we stopped… Magnificent places still preserved which remain authentic. “

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Spain   Magnolia, SPAIN

IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE EXPEDITION… Spending the night in tents around a bonfire with the boat docked on the shore was an amazing experience.

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