We organize daily island-hopping tours in Taytay Bay, Palawan. Unlike in other destinations smothered by mass tourism, Taytay still allows us to offer a customer-focused, personal service, where outdoor activities can be implemented in direct, real contact with nature. We are here open to improvisation, and we can customize trips to meet clients’ demands. Moreover, we have no minimum number of passengers to operate.

With about 20 pristine, mostly uninhabited islands, Taytay Bay is utterly an unexplored tourist paradise in Palawan’s north.

Its sublime island landscapes have it all: sharp limestone cliffs, turquoise shoals, dream white sand beaches and hidden lagoons. Every piece of emerged land has been blessed by nature, covered by lush green vegetation and fringed by coral reefs, seaweed beds & mangroves. The area is home to sea turtles and dugongs, and is regularly visited by Minke whales, whale sharks and manta rays, to name a few.

Our passenger boat, based on the traditional design of wooden-hulled bangkas, is the ideal vehicle to explore such a gorgeous display of nature. It has been conceived to provide best of safety of comfort to our clients, and has been fully equipped for the practise of marine recreational activities. It is also suitable for undertaking long-range expeditions.

You can thus enhance your island-hopping experience by adding some of the following complements to your trip:


Snorkeling may not look like the most exciting plan for your tropical adventure. But we must warn you:  diving within the Coral Triangle, the global centre of marine biodiversity, is quite a different matter and can be highly addictive. Rent our snorkeling gear and spend long hours beneath the sea wondering how many fish and coral types are yet unknown to you, until the sight of some amazing creature, perhaps a sea turtle, perhaps an eagle ray, wake you up from your trance.

Forget about going deep to have fun underwater, here you can enjoy a whole world of wonders safely, by floating pleasantly on the surface.


We carry our kayaks on board and we are able to launch them literally at any location we can reach by boat, at the customer’s will. Kayaks are stable, user-friendly vehicles that will perform their best at mangroves, cliffs and shoals. They will also be our shuttle to land on some of the most beautiful beaches we will find or our way.


Few experiences are more rewarding than encountering whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Mutual curiosity and the feeling of connecting to another form of intelligence are simply magical. And then there is there is the beauty of those perfect designs displaying in their element.

With nearly 30 species of cetaceans found locally, and dugongs and whale sharks being abundant, these waters are to be regarded as a world class whale watching destination.

For a small additional fee to cover the cost of fuel we can go in search of these magnificent creatures.

Know more about whale watching…

Our marine activity packages include

    best advising, search and navigation guaranteed


    from Taytay to sites of interest, and vice-versa


    snaks, one meal and hot drinks will be provided on board


    on board insurance, first aid kits & safety gear


    padded seats, shade roof, comfort room… all you need to have a nice trip. Towels and water shoes will also be available on board.


    in subsequent wildlife watching attempts, if goals weren’t met first time

Action camera rental (GoPro®)

Set every step you give down for posterity by renting our action camera. By paying a small fee, the camera will be available for you to use it at will during the whole trip. If you are not familiar with action cameras, we will provide you the briefing you need to master it. It is just easy!

Drone footage recording

Bring your memories to the next level by getting your trip recorded by drone. Just let us know what you want and we will record it for you. We can provide up to 30 minutes raw footage per trip.

Marine activity rates
  • 2 pax
  • Regular
  • 2 pax
  • 59 $
    2,900 ₱
    55 €
  • 3 – 4 pax
  • 45 $
    2,200 ₱
    40 €
  • 5 – 6 pax
  • 39 $
    1,900 ₱
    35 €
  • 7 – 8 pax
  • 35 $
    1,750 ₱
    33 €
  • 9 – 12 pax
  • 33 $
    1,650 ₱
    31 €


We accept FOREIGN CURRENCY payments!




新臺幣 New TAIWAN Dollar (NT$)


港幣 HONG KONG Dollar (HK$)




円 JAPANESE Yen (¥)


EURO (€)




שֶׁקֶל חָדָשׁ ISRAELI New Shekel (₪)


Terms & conditions

    Products involving sea navigation will generally be limited to 12 pax, which is the maximum allowed capacity of our passenger boat.


    Our passenger boat will typically depart from Taytay pier between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. We are, though, quite flexible regarding starting time and other schedules can be arranged with customers. Trips are expected to last until late afternoon of the same day.


    Our meal policy for regular marine activities include:

    • Unlimited service water & hot drinks will be provided on board, as requested
    • The price includes brunch snacks and one buffet meal, to be served on board/at sailing stopovers

    Our regular rates include the following:

    • TRANSPORTATION from Taytay to sites of interest, and vice-versa

    The following complements can be added to your purchase for an additional fee:

    • SNORKELING GEAR rental
    • KAYAK rental
    • WHALE WATCHING search
    • DRONE footage recording (expert manning provided)
    • ACTION CAMERA (GoPro®) rental

    WHALE WATCHING requires long hours of search and considerable spent of fuel. If implemented as a complement to other packages an additional fee will be charged to cover the costs of fuel. We can organize, however, CUSTOM WHALE WATCHING TOURS targeting a particular species or a group of species (e.g. whale sharks, dugongs, Mike whales…), in which case price will have to be arranged in advance between the parties, according to the customer’s demands.


    Orders must be made at least 1 day in advance. No advance payment is required and fees shall be paid upon completion of the service. If duly justified (e.g., adverse weather conditions, health emergencies…), orders can be cancelled by either party before boarding, with no charge being applicable. For cancelations on board, including those due to force majeure, full rates will apply.

    Payments in the following foreign currencies are accepted:

    • SOUTH KOREAN Won (₩)
    • 新臺幣 New TAIWAN Dollar (NT$)
    • 港幣 HONG KONG Dollar (HK$)
    • SINGAPORE Dollar (S$)
    • JAPANESE Yen (¥)
    • EURO (€)
    • UNITED STATES Dollar (US$)
    • שֶׁקֶל חָדָשׁ ISRAELI New Shekel (₪)

    The following discounts are to be applicable:

    • Free service for children 5 years-old and under. 50% discount on the regular rate for children from 6 to 7 years-old, 30% for children from 8 to 9 years-old, and 15% between 10 and 12 years-old, inclusive. Above 12 years-old regular fees will apply.
    • For cancellations made during provision of services due to force majeure, (e.g. sickness, adverse weather conditions), a 30% discount will apply to the regular rate in subsequent attempts.

Please, always bear in mind…

    Despite inner waters of Taytay Bay are generally calm, sea conditions may change quickly. It is always advisable to bring SEASICKNESS PILLS to any boat trip.


    Although our boats are provided with shade roofs, please protect yourself at all times with SUN CREAM, a HAT and LONG-SLEEVE CLOTHING. Sun may cause severe injuries in the tropics, in just a few minutes of exposure.


    Investing in water is always the best deal. Bring with you as much water as you can, in detriment of food and other loads. Hunger is annoying, but dehydration may literally kill you in minutes. If you still want to bring some food with you, chose small but highly caloric meals (e.g. nuts and energy bars).


    Being wet will be a common condition onboard, because of wave splash and air moisture, and also because you will frequently get into the water. This may even make you feel cold under navigation breeze. Quick-drying swimwear, water shoes and towels will definitely be of great help.


    Allergic reactions to environmental agents (e.g. pollen) are rare in the tropics, due to high diversity and low relative abundance of each plant species. Animal bite allergies and rash are otherwise common. There is also a chance to experience food allergy reactions, since meals are often provided by us. Please, let us know in advance about any ALLERGY OR DIETARY REQUIREMENTS you may have.


    While there are generally no insects in the open sea, mosquitoes and sandflies may be abundant at stopover sites, particularly in highly vegetated beaches and mangroves. Bear in mind that malaria and dengue fever are still endemic to Palawan. Malaria-prevention drugs are thus highly recommended. At down, dusk and night, long-sleeve clothing and (good quality) mosquito repellent are just mandatory.


    Despite being the favourite worry of most travellers, this matter doesn´t deserve as much attention as it is generally paid to it. Indeed, you have by far more chances of suffering a sprain than of being fatally hurted by a wild animal. That said, we would be liying you if we said that the risk is zero. In the ocean in particular some creatures are definitely worth a mention. Box jellyfishes, for instance, are a serious threat to be taken into account. They are seasonal, but even during high-density season stings are rare and chances of being stinged can be reduced by using thick, long-sleeve swimwear. Cryptic venemous animals, such as stone fishes, sting rays and blue-ringed octopuses, are a more real threat in that they can be easily trampled, since they rely on their camouflage and remain stationary when aproached. A similar problem arises with fire sea urchins and urchins, anemones, and corals in general. In these cases, wearing watershoes in shallow water can prevent most bites. Sea snakes have a terrible reputation, but indeed they are non-agressive, tend to avoid contact with humans and eventually their bites are rarely fatal. For them, like for lionfishes and other striking venemous animals, it will generally be enough to follow a non-touch policy. Regarding large predators, sharks are extremely rare and encounters typically involve species that are not dangerous for human being. Saltwater crocodiles have become extinct in the shores of northeastern Palawan, as far as it is known. No sightings have been reported in decades.


    Wearing long-sleeve swimwear will protect you from sunburn, as well as from jellyfish and plankton stings. Water shoes will help us to avoid bites from poisonous ground creatures, such us stone fishes, sea urchins and sting rays, and will likewise prevent us to get stinged by corals and anemones.


    In the ocean, as a general rule, do not touch anything around, even if you think you know it. Many creatures there look safe but they are not. Unlike what most people may believe, many living corals do sting, not to mention anemones and jelly fishes. In these waters even octopuses may be deadly. Moreover, dead corals have sharp edges which may cause serious injuries that get easy and painfully infected.

    When swimming or snorkeling, try to avoid hitting the seabed with your feet, not only because of the risk of being hurt or stinged, but also because we must prevent physical damage to the reef.


    Wild animals are widely unpredictable. Despite we will do our best to increase the likelihood of encounters, at the end sightings cannot be guaranteed.


    This is, without a doubt, the ultimate tip to any outdoor traveller. Nature here has much to provide us but also much to take from us. Don’t be afraid, but be careful, and always follow the advice of your tour guide. Just come in, enjoy with respect, and then get back home safe and sound to talk about.